GLOGIFT 15 : Fifteenth Global Conference on Flexible Systems Management



Fifteenth Global Conference on Flexible Systems Management

October 23 – 25, 2015

Venue: Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Symbiosis International University, Pune, India

Theme: Flexibility for Manufacturing Excellence and Resource Management,

Organized by
Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Symbiosis International University, Pune, India

‘GLOGIFT 15’, an International Conference with the theme “Flexibility for Manufacturing Excellence and Resource Management”, is an effort to provide a global forum for practitioners, policy makers, teachers, researchers and learners to share their practical experiences, knowledge and insights in the evolution, formulation and implementation of strategies and models for flexibility in Manufacturing Excellence as well as Resource Management to meet the changing and ever growing requirements in manufacturing. The objective of the conference is to provide a knowledge sharing platform for dissemination of research and experiential findings through empirical study, qualitative modeling, case studies, new concepts and state-of-the-art studies.


‘GLOGIFT 15’ invites researchers, learners and practitioners to submit research papers as well as case studies linked with the theme of the conference. The broad areas and sub-themes that will be of interest for the conference are given below. Papers can be submitted in any one of the following sub-themes or related areas.

  • Flexibility in Resource Management
  • Energy Management
  • Human Resource (HR) Management
  • Material Management, Supply Chain Management
  • Waste Management and Sustainability

Papers should be thought provoking and based on current research. The titles should be brief. Although there is no word limit, concise papers are encouraged. Papers can be accepted for presentation based on the extended abstracts. All papers/manuscripts will be subject to rigorous peer review process. Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of the conference on CD and online on A selection of these papers will be considered for publication in Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management (Published by Springer) and International Journal of Global Business and Competitiveness (Online) as well as in the form of book under the Book Series on Flexible Systems Management (Published by Springer).

15 June, 2015 Extended abstracts/papers
15 July, 2015 Acceptance of Extended abstract/paper for presentation only
15 Aug, 2015 Submission of paper in final form for review
30 Aug, 2015 Notification of Acceptance
15 Sep, 2015 Early Bird Registration
15 Sep, 2015 Submission of camera-ready paper in final form for inclusion in proceedings
30 Sep, 2015 Regular Registration
10 Oct, 2015 Late Registration
Particulars Regular Registration Fee
Within India (INR) Overseas (USD)
Delegates from Industries 6,500 400
Delegates from Academic/R&D Org. 5,000 350
Delegates from GIFT 4,500 300
Students 2,000 150
GIFT Student Members 1,500 125

Note: Early Bird discount – INR 500 within India and USD 50 for overseas participants Late Registration – additional INR 500 within India and USD 50 for overseas participants Spot Registration – additional INR 1000 within India and USD 100 for overseas participants The registration fee for the event covers attendance in all sessions, program kit, lunches, and light refreshments. The payment is to be made in favour of ‘GLOGIFT 15’ payable at Pune. For details, see the website of Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management ( /


If wish to conduct a symposium, tutorial or workshop, submit a proposal of at least two pages. The proposal should include the scope of the session, significance to the theme(s) and the participants. All proposers must register and attend the associated sessions. The proposals should be submitted no later than 15 Aug, 2015.

Conference Chairs
Dr T P Singh Director Symbiosis Institute of Technology Pune Prof Sushil Professor Department of Management Studies IIT Delhi
General Secretaries
Dr Akshay Malhotra Deputy Director Dr Anand J Kulkarni Assistant Professor
Symbiosis Institute of Technology Symbiosis International University Pune, India Ph: 91 20-39116453/6410 E-mail: Website:,

All Submissions to be made through e-mail at:

GLOGIFT 15 Call For Papers (Conference Brochure) can be downloded

Knowledge Partner



Flexibility for Manufacturing Excellence and Resource Management

Sub-theme Details

Flexibility in Manufacturing Excellence  Flexibility in Resource Management 
Manufacturing Technology

· Automation

· Flexible Manufacturing

o Consequence of Flexible Manufacturing

· Lean Manufacturing

· Agile Manufacturing Systems and Current Practices

o Flexibility for Supply Chain Management

o Tools and Measures of Manufacturing Flexibility and Adaptability

o Handshaking of Agility and Flexibility in Manufacturing

· Green Manufacturing

· Adaptability and Flexibility for Custom and Export Systems


Manufacturing Competitiveness

· Liberalization and Moderation

· Sectors for Global Competitiveness

· Strengths and Constraints

· Free Imports and Global Competition

· Benchmarking for Sustainability and Growth

Product Innovations and Inventions

· Productivity

o Tools and Measures of Productivity

o Handshaking of Flexibility and Productivity

· Product Life Cycle


Technology Management

· Forecasting, Planning

· Development

· Technology Transfer

· Adaptation and Adoption

· Diffusion and Phasing Out

· Role of System Dynamics in Analysis of Systems

· Tools and Techniques for Modeling Manufacturing Complexity


Material Requirements

· Plans

o Tools and Techniques for Dynamic Scheduling and Rescheduling

· ERP Systems

· Quality Systems



· Feasibility

o Green Manufacturing and Market Sustainability

o Economic Flexibility for Green Manufacturing

· Cost of Green Manufacturing

· Cost of Electronic Goods Production

· Investment Security for Flexible Manufacturing

· Flexibility in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

o FDI in Manufacturing and Implications

· Political Scenario and Relationships

· Flexibility in Policies for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Electronic Goods Production

· Flexibility for Regulations and de-regulations


Sectoral Manufacturing

· Automobiles

· Electronics

o Excellence in Nano- and Micro-machining

· Transportation

o Flexibility for Freight Corridors and Transportation

· Defense and Space

o Implications of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Defense Research and Production

Energy Management

· Flexibility for Investment in Renewable Energy

· Awareness in Green Energy Adaptation

· Flexibility for Energy Management Policies


Human Resource (HR) Management

· Theories and Concepts in Flexible HR Practices

· Flexibility in Manpower Management

· Insight of Flexible Pay/Wages

· Flexible Pay/Wage Administration and its Consequences

· Flexibility for Labor Market

· Leadership for promoting Flexible HR Practices

· Modification in Labor Laws and Adaptability

· Skill Education and Training for Flexible Manufacturing

· Flexibility in Hiring and Working Hours

· Skill Training for Electronics Goods Manufacturing and Maintenance


Material Management, Supply Chain Management

· Capital, Inventory

o Flexibility for Warehouse Decentralization

· Machinery and Equipment Utilization

· Flexibility for Cross-border Supply Chain Policies

· Balancing Cost and Flexibility


Waste Management and Sustainability

· Waste to Wealth

· Phases of Segregation

o Efficient Collection and Segregation

· Reuse and Recycling Treatment

· Waste Management and Disposal

o Challenges-to-Solutions

o Nuclear and Chemical Waste Management

· Problems with Garbage Disposal

· Environmental Management

· Water Resource management

o Tools for Waste Water Treatment

· Sustainable Enterprise

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