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Sixteenth Global Conference on Flexible Systems Management

December 4 – 6, 2016

Venue: University of Technology, Sydney

Theme- The Future of Manufacturing: Global Value Chains, Smart Specialisation and Flexibility

Annual Conference of Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management


Hosted by: UTS Business School


This conference is being jointly organised by the UTS Business School and GIFT Society with the theme The Future of Manufacturing: Global Value Chains, Smart Specialisation and Flexibility. Global value chains are the backbone of the world economy. Increased volatility, unprecedented technological advancements, and geographical dispersion have made global value chains more complex, interdependent and more vulnerable. In an increasingly volatile business landscape, flexibility is essential for global value chains whether services or manufacturing. Future flexible value chains – a nascent field in management theory – have attracted much interest – and are adept at preparing, responding to and recovering from unexpected disruptions whilst maintaining the continuity of business operations.

The intention of this Conference is to provide a global forum for practitioners, policy makers, academics and other researchers to share their practical experiences, knowledge and insights into the evolution, formulation and implementation of theoretical and practical strategies and models for implementing flexibility in Global Value Chains. The Conference will provide a means for collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing and the dissemination of research and experiential findings through empirical study, quantitative and qualitative modelling, concept building and state-of-the-art practical case studies. Research-based and practical papers are invited (but not limited to) the various themes and sub-themes of the conference.


  • Agility, Technology and Flexibility
  • Corporate Social Responsibility/Life Cycle Thinking
  • Global Value Chains (GVC) in a Changing World
  • Global Value Chains and Clusters
  • Innovation Management and GVCs
  • Management Practices in GVCs
  • Micro Multinationals and SMEs,  role and relationships in GVC
  • Services, Efficiency and Productivity of GVCs
  • Sustainability and the Circular Economy
  • Systems Integration, Coordination and Alignment
  • Technology and data analytics
  • Innovative Manufacturing and Smart Specialisation

Call For Papers

‘GLOGIFT 16’ invites researchers, students, and practitioners to submit research-based as well as practical papers linked with the theme of the Conference. The broad areas / sub-themes that will be of interest for the conference are given below. Papers can be submitted to any one of the following sub-themes or related areas.


Papers should be thought provoking and based on current research. The titles should be brief. Although there is no word limit, concise papers are encouraged. Papers can be accepted for presentation based on the extended abstracts.

Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of the conference on CD and a selection of these papers will be considered for publication in Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management (Springer) as well as in the form of book under the Book Series on Flexible Systems Management (Springer).


June 30, 2016 Submission of Abstract
July 31, 2016 Acceptance of abstract/paper for presentation only
August 31, 2016 Submission of full paper, Symposia/Workshop proposal
September 30, 2016 Early Bird Registration
October 15, 2016 Submission of paper in final form after review

Publication in Proceedings is subject to a strict set of standards of review and deadlines.

All submissions to be made through e-mail

  • Abstracts/papers (other than from India) should be submitted no later than 30 June 2016 to the following email address:
  • For participants in India, abstracts/papers can be submitted to:

For details, see Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management

Symposia, Tutorials And Workshops

If you wish to conduct a symposium, tutorial or workshop, submit a summary of at least two pages on what you propose to do in your session and why it is of interest and importance to the participants. All participants must register and attend the meeting.


Anyone interested in participating in the program by serving as a reviewer, session chair, or discussant, should contact the Conference Chairs.


Assoc Prof Renu Agarwal

Adjunct Prof Julia Connell

 Visiting Prof Graeme Sheather


Prof Sushil

Prof P. K. Suri

Dr. Sanjay Dhir


Conference Secretariat, GLOGIFT 16
Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management
B-51 (Basement) (Near Mother International School),
Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi – 110 017
Ph: 011-26852122, E-mail:

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